Terms of use

The service provides an opportunity to exchange files via the Internet for any user. The service is not intended for long-term data storage, but only for short-term data exchange.


1. The Service is provided "as is". The service is not responsible for possible malfunctions and the safety of files uploaded by users, but will do everything possible to avoid malfunctions of the site and the safety of data.

2. Also, the Service is not responsible for the possible consequences of the use of Users' files.

3. The current rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Private Data

1. Any private data of uploading/downloading user is not stored.

2. Cookies are not used.

3. Only files uploaded by the user are stored.


1. The maximum file upload size is 1 GB.

2. The storage period for files is up to 3 days.

3. The service has the right to change the storage time of the file.


1. Upload and share data prohibited in your country.

2. Any materials containing elements of pornography, violence, drug use, suicide, and similar materials are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Such files will be deleted, and the user will be permanently blocked.

3. Materials that violate the copyright of third parties

4. Viruses and malicious files, hacking programs, license keys, and similar materials.

5. Use the service in fraudulent motives or to deceive third parties


1. A user is fully responsible for the content of the uploaded or downloaded files!

2. Before starting the downloaded program, a user should check it with an antivirus!

3. A user executes downloaded software at his own risk!

4. The service administration is not responsible for uploaded or downloaded files!

Violations of these Terms and Complaints

1. A user can send a complaint to info@1wm.net. A complaint should provide a link to complained data and describe the problem. All complaints will be considered. Files downloaded in violation of these rules will be deleted.

2. Complaints from copyright holders or competent authorities are considered first!

3. The service administration can delete any file that violates these rules or for which an adequate complaint has been received.

4. Deleted files cannot be recovered